'Inside Man' movie poster
'Inside Man' movie poster
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Inside Man

2006 | 2h 9m | Thriller, Drama

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Detective Frazier is a man who enjoys living on the edge, pitting his wits against the criminal fraternity. His resourcefulness and cunning are tested to the limited during a tense hostage situation controlled by highly intelligent bank robber Dalton (Clive Owen). The two men attempt to size each other up, engaging in a frenetic game of cat and mouse with the lives of the hostages as the ultimate prize. The encounter is poised on a knife edge; one wrong decision could lead to tragedy. The stand-off takes an unexpected twist when Madaline, a power broker with a hidden agenda, interrupts negotia...


Spike Lee


Denzel Washington Clive Owen Jodie Foster

Release date

24 Mar 2006

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