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'Jason And Shirley' movie poster
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Jason And Shirley

2015 | 1h 19m | Biography, Drama, Comedy

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December 3, 1966, Oscar winning filmmaker Shirley Clarke invites Jason Holiday, a black gay hustler, drug addict and transient to her Chelsea Hotel penthouse in New York City to film him for 12 hours nonstop telling stories from his turbulent life. This became 'Portrait of Jason,' a pioneering documentary hailed for its unflinching look at race and sexuality. Yet some accused Shirley Clarke of exploitation, as she and her partner Carl Lee, a brilliant African American actor and heroin user, hint as a love triangle between the three of them, as they goad Jason into a terrible on-screen nervous ...


Stephen Winter


Mike Bailey-Gates Gordon Beeferman Jordan Saunders Brooks

Release date

20 Oct 2015

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