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'Ivan's Childhood' movie poster
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Ivan's Childhood

1962 | 1h 35m | Drama, War

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A determined 12-year-old boy named Ivan joins a Russian partisan regiment as a scout due to his uncanny ability to slip quickly through enemy lines undetected. But as his missions become increasingly dangerous he is pulled from duty, something which he is quick to protest against because Ivan has an ulterior motive - to avenge the death of his family at the hands of the Nazis.


Andrey Tarkovskiy


Nikolay Burlyaev Valentin Zubkov Yevgeni Zharikov Stepan Krylov Nikolai Grinko Dmitri Milyutenko Valentina Malyavina Irma Raush Andrey Konchalovskiy Ivan Savkin

Release date

01 Sep 1962

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