'Modern Life Is Rubbish' movie poster
'Modern Life Is Rubbish' movie poster
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Modern Life Is Rubbish

2018 | 1h 41m | Comedy, Romance, Indie

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Struggling musician Liam refuses to move with the times and ditch his vinyl collection in favour of CDs. He works at a music store where he meets Natalie, who is clutching a copy of Blur's greatest hits. It transpires that she knows even more about music than snobbish Liam and the seeds of romance are sown. While Liam supposedly clings onto his integrity and refuses to allow anything to deviate him from his dreams, graphic designer Natalie sells out in his eyes to accept a corporate job that will pay the rent.


Daniel Jerome Gill


Ian Hart Daisy Bevan Jessie Cave

Release date

04 May 2018

0 Showtimes across London

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