'I Am Truly A Drop Of Sun On Earth' movie poster
'I Am Truly A Drop Of Sun On Earth' movie poster
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I Am Truly A Drop Of Sun On Earth

2018 | 1h 1m | Drama, Romance

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Tbilisi, Georgia, nowadays. April aged 34, just spent a night in jail for prostitution. She is now resuming her work in the run down night life hub in the underground of a luxury hotel. There she meets Dije, a young Nigerian immigrant. He entrusts her his journey to Tbilisi. Originally, believing he was headed for Georgia, USA, he finds himself trapped in an extreme alienation in a country offering no perspective. An odd love emerges between these two human beings while they try to survive together on the margins of society.


Elene Naveriani


Kakha Nozadze Daniel Antony Onwuka

Release date

05 May 2018

0 Showtimes across London

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