'Dragonfly Eyes' movie poster
'Dragonfly Eyes' movie poster
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Dragonfly Eyes

2018 | 1h 21m | Documentary

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Each of us is captured on surveillance cameras, on average, 300 times a day. These all-seeing 'eyes' observe a young woman named Qing Ting (her name means 'Dragonfly') as she leaves the Buddhist temple where she has been training to be a nun and returns to the secular world, taking a job in a highly mechanized dairy farm. Ke Fan, a technician working on the farm, falls in love with her and breaks the law in an attempt to please her. On his release from jail Ke Fan looks for Qing Ting again, without success - until he comes to think that she has reinvented herself as the online celebrity Xiao X...


Bing Xu

Release date

24 Apr 2018

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