'Sheep & Wolves' movie poster
'Sheep & Wolves' movie poster
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Sheep & Wolves

2018 | 1h 21m | Animation/Cartoon, Comedy, Family, World

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A pack of wolves relocates to a ravine, where the animals are poised to select a new leader. Lovable goofball Grey is the favoured candidate and he promises to prove his worth to his fiancee Bianca and the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, he drinks a magical potion which transforms Grey into a ram. Separated from his own kind and forced to unite with a flock of carefree sheep that reside close to the ravine, Grey gains a new perspective on the delicate balance between predators and prey.


Maxim Volkov Andrei Galat


Alexander Petrov Elizabeth Boyar Sergey Bezrukov

Release date

06 Apr 2018

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