'Maya The Bee: The Honey Games' movie poster
'Maya The Bee: The Honey Games' movie poster
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Maya The Bee: The Honey Games

2018 | 1h 25m | Family Animation/Cartoon Comedy

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Maya is horrified when the Empress of Buzztropolis decrees that Maya's hive must contribute half of its honey store to feeding the athletes of the annual Honey Games. Maya tries to reason with the Empress but accidentally makes the situation worse. In order to prove herself, Maya vows to emerge victorious at the Honey Games flanked by a team of misfits including her best friend Willi. If she fails, the hive must hand over its entire supply of honey to Buzztropolis.


Noel Cleary Sergio Delfino Alexs Stadermann


Coco Jack Gillies Benson Jack Anthony Richard Roxburgh

Release date

06 Apr 2018

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