'Antonio Das Mortes' movie poster
'Antonio Das Mortes' movie poster
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Antonio Das Mortes

1969 | 1h 40m | Drama, Action/Adventure

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Period piece about a Brazil that is no more. This movie is the sequel to "God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun" (Deus e o diabo na terra do sol), and takes place 29 years after Antonio das Mortes killed Corisco (the "Blond Devil"), last of the Cangaceiros. In "the old days", Antonio's function in life was exterminate these bandits, on account of his personal grudges against them. His life had been meaningless for the last 29 years, but now, a new challenge awaits him. When a Cangaceiro appears in Jardim Das Piranhas, the local Land Baron (Jofre Soares), an old man, does what seems obvious ...


Glauber Rocha


Maurício do Valle Odete Lara Othon Bastos

Release date

14 Jun 1969

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