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Poster for 'Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi'
0.0000000000 out of 5
0.0000000000 out of 5

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Daisy Ridley John Boyega Mark Hamill
Luke Skywalker welcomes Rey to his island retreat and he agrees to train her for the war that looms on the horizon against Snoke, Supreme Leader of the First Order, and his vengeful protege Ren. Rey's raw, untapped powers terrify Luke and he...
Poster for 'Human Flow'
4.0000000000 out of 5
3.6500000000 out of 5

Human Flow

Boris Cheshirkov Princess Dana Firas of Jordan Hanan Ashrawi
Human Flow is director and artist Ai Weiwei's detailed and heartbreaking exploration into the global refugee crisis.
Poster for 'A Matter Of Life And Death'
4.2000000000 out of 5
4.2300000000 out of 5

A Matter Of Life And Death

David Niven Kim Hunter Robert Coote
Pilot Peter Carter is shot down during a World War II bombing run. Having helped his crew to bail out safely, Peter discovers his parachute has been damaged and is now unusable and so he resigns himself to his fate. Miraculously he survives, but...
Poster for 'Love Actually'
3.3000000000 out of 5
3.8500000000 out of 5

Love Actually

Hugh Grant Emma Thompson Alan Rickman Colin Firth Liam Neeson
Everywhere you look, love is causing chaos. From the bachelor Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who, on his first day at 10 Downing Street, falls in love with the girl who brings him his tea, to a hopeless sandwich delivery guy who doesn't...

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Poster for 'Mountains May Depart'
4.0000000000 out of 5
3.4000000000 out of 5

Mountains May Depart

Tao Zhao Yi Zhang Jing Dong Liang
Shen Tao is excited by the approaching millennium and she nervously chooses between two very different suitors: wealthy and ambitious Zhang Jiansheng, who has embraced capitalism with gusto, and shy and retiring Liangzi, who works down a local mine.
Poster for 'Better Watch Out'
3.4000000000 out of 5
3.5000000000 out of 5

Better Watch Out

Olivia DeJonge Levi Miller Ed Oxenbould
On a quiet suburban street tucked within a ‘safe neighbourhood’, Ashley has turned up to babysit 12-year-old Luke for the evening while his parents are out for a Christmas party night. Ashley is Luke’s favourite babysitter and he’s looking...
Poster for 'Ferdinand'
0.0000000000 out of 5
0.0000000000 out of 5


Kate McKinnon Bobby Cannavale John Cena
After Ferdinand, a bull with a big heart, is mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home. Determined to return to his family, he rallies a misfit team on the ultimate adventure.
Poster for 'Song Of Granite'
3.7000000000 out of 5
3.2000000000 out of 5

Song Of Granite

Michael O'Chonfhlaola Macdara Ó Fátharta Leni Parker
Enigmatic and complex, Joe Heaney was one of the greats of traditional Irish singing. Shaped by the myths, fables and songs of his upbringing in the west of Ireland, his emergence as a gifted artist came at a personal cost. Featuring...
Poster for 'Bingo: The King Of The Mornings'
0.0000000000 out of 5
4.2500000000 out of 5

Bingo: The King Of The Mornings

Vladimir Brichta Emanuelle Araújo Raul Barreto
Actor Augusto Mendes is a single parent to a young son, Gabriel. Consequently, he accepts thankless roles in soap operas and soft porn films to pay the bills. By chance, Augusto is cast as Bingo, the clown-faced host of a new children's TV show,...
Poster for 'Brigsby Bear'
3.3000000000 out of 5
4.0300000000 out of 5

Brigsby Bear

Mark Hamill Claire Danes Andy Samberg Michaela Watkins Greg Kinnear
Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children's TV show produced for an audience of one: James. When the show abruptly ends, James's life changes forever, and he sets out to finish the story himself.
Poster for 'Menashe'
3.9500000000 out of 5
3.6000000000 out of 5


Menashe Lustig
Deep in the heart of New York's ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community, Menashe—a kind, hapless grocery store clerk—struggles to make ends meet and responsibly parent his young son, Rieven, following his wife Leah's death. Tradition prohibits...
Poster for 'Blade Of The Immortal'
3.6000000000 out of 5
3.5600000000 out of 5

Blade Of The Immortal

Takuya Kimura Hana Sugisaki Sôta Fukushi
Samurai Manji has taken a lot of lives, both innocent and guilty, and now lives life in feudal Japan as a criminal. After being cursed with immortality until he kills enough evil men, Manji meets a young girl who enlists him to be her body-guard....
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