'The Mirror (Zerkalo)' movie poster
'The Mirror (Zerkalo)' movie poster
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The Mirror (Zerkalo)

1975 | 1h 47m | Drama

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The award-winning director Andrei Tarkovsky, (one of his better known films is Andrei Rublev), the son of a famous Russian poet, was born in 1935 and grew up in and around Moscow during the Second World War. This non-linear autobiographical film is considered by many Russian-speakers to be his best film and is his most personal meditation on time, history and the Russian countryside. In a series of episodes and images, he captures the mood and feeling of the period just before, during and after the war. Lyrical reminiscences of his mother and of his father's poetry figure large in the film, al...


Andrei Tarkovsky


Margarita Terekhova Ignat Danilzew Larissa Tarkowskaja Alla Demidowa

Release date

07 Mar 1975

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